Measuring Cross Sections

Easily analyse cross sections of your Precision Reality Twin with exact measurements.

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Measuring Cross Sections

Trendspek 2.0 allows you to analyse cross sections of your Precision Reality Twin.

1. Draw a Line Annotation

Cross sections begin with a line annotation.

Right-click on the model to open up the right-click context menu and click start drawing to begin a new drawing.

Draw a line where you want to create your cross section and click finish. You can style the line if required.

2. Convert to Cross Section

Before we click create to turn this into an annotation, we are going to click on the polyline drop down and convert it into a cross section.

Click create and head over to the drawing tab.

3. Configure your Cross Section

Here, you’ll see a graph that shows two dimensions: the line from point A to B, and the profile of the 3D model.

This can be tweaked and configured under the configuration tab.

The sampling mode is set to auto sampling by default, however you can change this to a set interval or set number of points to sample.

A smaller value will allow more granularity within the visualisation. This data can also be exported to CSV for further analysis offline if required.

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