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Template Field Types

This article explains the different data types available within the Template Manager.

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In the Template Builder, you have a number of different field data types. This article explains how these different field types can be used to store your data.

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Short Text

Short Text fields allow for free form text input, e.g. names, short descriptions.

Long Text

Long Text fields allow for longer paragraphs of free form text, e.g. a description field.

At present, these support plain text only.

Single Select

Single Select fields allow you to specify a list of options. The user is allowed to select one at most.

Allow User Defined Fields

By default, users will be able to enter their own answers for a single-select.

This feature normally reduces users entering duplicate answers that are subtly similar, e.g. 'N', 'No', 'NO'.

You can disable this functionality by unchecking the Allow user-defined values checkbox in the template builder.


Multiselect fields allow you to specify possible values. This functions similarly to Single Select, except that the user can select as many options as they like.


The URL field is useful for entering a link to another page or website.

The User Interface will ensure users cannot enter invalid URLs.


Select Number field to constrain the input to be a numerical input. This can be a whole number or a decimal. This can be especially useful for consolidating data in the reporting stage.


The Date field will provide a calendar picker to the user. You might use this to specify a due date, or a date that a defect was remediated.

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