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Annotating on Images

A guide to annotating on images.

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Draw annotations on images/photos in Trendspek and have them replicated on the 3D Precision Reality Twin model.

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Viewing Photos

First, open the Photo Browser by right-clicking on the model. Select the Photo Browser option.

Select the Best Photo

This will open up the Photo Browser in the right-hand-side of the screen, and the photo will show the point you clicked on.

You can use the photo navigation strip down the bottom of the screen to select a photo from a different angle.

Use your scroll-wheel on your mouse to navigate through the thumbnails.

Simply click on the image that best captures the section you want to annotate on.

Start Drawing

Right-click to open the context menu.

Select Start Drawing.

Style the Drawing

The drawing can be styled to change its colour and icons using the Style Picker.

If the drawing is a polygon, you can also adjust the fill colour, or turn it off entirely.

Continue Drawing

If you simply want to create a point annotation, click Finish.

If you want to draw a line or a polygon, continue clicking with the right mouse button.

These annotations will also be replicated and displayed on the 3D model.

Editing the Drawing

Moving points is straightforward.

Hover over a point until the icon grows.

Right-click and drag the point to the desired location.

Continue your drawing as normal.

Finishing the Drawing

Once you are finished, click Finish.

The image will be shown on both the photo and the 3D model to create an annotation.

The Context Card will appear with measurements.

This is normally all you need if you are attempting to measure something on the model.

Dealing with Problems

If you see a red cross (โŒ) symbol, this indicates that Trendspek has not been able to match the point on the photo with a point on the model.

This often happens when you pick a point in the sky or the ground.

If this happens, you don't need to create a new drawing. But you won't be able to save your annotation until the drawing is corrected.

To move a point, you can right-click and drag the point to another point on the photo.

Once the the drawing is valid, the Finish button will appear.

Creating an Annotation

Click Create to create the annotation.

You may optionally select an annotation template. This can also be done at a later stage.

Next Steps

If you need help navigating the Annotation Panel, please refer to the Annotation Panel Overview.

Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions or feedback.

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